proyecto CEPYME500

exlabesa, chosen due to economic growth

Our company has been chosen to take part in the CEPYME500 project. Many leaders of economic growth from various fields participate in this project, not only because of their achievements, but also due to their skills in achieving positive results, creating jobs and international activity.
In order to be accepted to this project we have met all the possible requirements, which involved sales, economic growth, size and profitability. All of the data comes from the official public registers. The financial situation of the company was also taken into account, including innovations and activity on the international arena. All these factors allowed us to be included on the list of 200 companies, which was created by CEPYME.

The main role of this initiative is to acknowledge the chosen companies and provide them with local and international reach, which should strengthen their position on the international arena. Due to that, CEPYME500 offers annual publication, which provides the results of the participating companies and the analysis of different sectors of their activity. The distinctions “CEPYME500 – Leaders of economic growth” can be also used in all short-term and medium-term promotion or marketing activities which could be undertaken.

Participating in this project is an honour to our company, which is dynamic and innovative, and the growing expansion on the international arena in which we were involved for the past few years. We would like to congratulate and thank everybody for their participation and work.