ampliación de las instalaciones exlabesa

The regional government is promoting the expansion of the installations of exlabesa.

The Council of the regional government approved in a meeting held yesterday the inter-municipal occurrence statement for expansion plans to the installations of the exlabesa company facilitating an investment of €15 million and the creation of 200 jobs.

In this way, the Council progresses the sectoral project permitting the company to unify, expand, and modernise their three plants in Galicia located in Padrón, Rois, and Valga with the objective of increasing production by 30%.

Likewise a total of 35,000 metres is planned to be built that will enable the company to unify the production process and create a logical flow of materials in the factory. At the same time, trips from one plant to another will be reduced minimising them to only those strictly necessary and as a consequence improving mobility, explains the Council. The work, estimated to last four years, will create employment and raise the standard of living in Padrón, contributing to an improvement in the competitiveness of the company and in the aluminium sector. exlabesa has a monthly production rate in Galicia of 4,000 tons of aluminium representing 40% of the total production in Galicia and 25% of that produced on a national basis.22